Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catching our breath... and catching up

We moved in on September 19th. After several weeks of John's travel for work and various minor illnesses we're finally starting to settle down, and it's beginning to feel if not quite like home, at least somewhat familiar.  We're enjoying "vertical living" in a 3 story townhouse (four with the basement).  It's keeping us in shape running up and down stairs!  We had some minor decorating issues - the living room couch we brought was wayyy to big for our smaller space so we took it to a consignment store and bought a smaller one from the same place.  Now that the house is more or less together we can start exploring the city and surrounding areas, there is so much to do here we'll never see it all, but we plan to make a noble attempt.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in 18 years without family and friends all around the table. Son Steve flew out to visit, which really helped, and we enjoyed a fun and festive dinner with our friend Peggy and some of her family. While Steve was here we took the opportunity to visit the Air & Space museum and some of the monuments - Lincoln, FDR, the Vietnam Veterans memorial, and Thomas Jefferson. These are so beautiful and inspiring, each in its own way - we plan to return for further exploration.
Here's the Washington Monument of course, with more to follow soon.

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