Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a Party!

On Monday, we went to RFK stadium, where we had volunteered to help pack care packages for the military.  Upon arrival, we found that they had already exceeded their 75,000 pack goal - they were just up to 85,000, and out of supplies.  We were quite impressed with the way the event was organized... they weren't going to risk losing volunteers just because they were finished with the project - immediately upon arrival we were asked to grab some Thank You cards and personally write a message on as many as possible.  The cards will accompany the care packages.

When our shift was up, we headed via Metro for home... and dinner at the Irish Inn at Glen Echo.


LaReinaCipolla said...

Ahhhhh! awesome. This is so great. Now I can see what you two are up too. I hope DC is wonderful. A little different than cali. WE miss you out here on the West Coast. L a Reina

Lori said...

how cool!!